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Are you considering entering the Norwegian market? Do you need an experienced partner who knows the market?

Maximi has trade knowledge in the following:

  • Disposal and recycling
  • The food and beverage industry
  • Sports
metode.jpgFor many, it might be difficult to understand and decide how to proceed when you are making a strategy- or marketing plan. It is often time consuming, and for many it can be a hazzle to achieve the wanted strategic goals.

It might be hard to see who your target groups are, which markets to act upon, how to communicate, and at what cost.

We all know how important it is to be competitive, but do you actually know how to analyse this? Maximi offer these services with a high level of knowledge:

  • operative sales/sales management
  • competitor/client/business analysis
  • strategy- and marketing plan
  • market orientation and planning
  • internationalization and export marketing
  • tailor-made surveys
  • and more

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